+ What do you specialize in?

I specialize in pet photography as well as product and food images for commercial requirements.

+ I’m just looking for a quick snapshot of my pet. Are you the right photographer for me?

Possibly not as my work is custom portraiture and I take pride in the quality of my work to create a memorable series of portraits for your best friend and family.

+ What kinds of pets do you photograph?

I mainly photograph dogs and cats, although I am open to almost any type of pet.

+ I have a small business, can you photograph my products?

Yes, by all means, we can discuss your individual requirements.

+ What are the costs of product and food photography?

As this is a very special area we would have to sit down and work through your specific needs. Quotes for jobs will be given based on your requirements and usage of the images.

+ Do you take black and white images?

All images are taken in colour and can be converted into black and white, so you can choose which one is more suitable for you.

+ What kind of light do you use?

In most photographic situations, a diffused natural light would be preferable, but not always possible, so studio light options will be used.

+ Where do your sessions take place?

As pets are more relaxed in their own environment and not too distracted, my sessions take place at your home. Options can be discussed regarding an outdoor session, for example, in your local park, or a combination of both.

+ What is your availability for sessions?

I usually schedule sessions on weekdays but fully understand that this is not always possible so I can accommodate sessions at the weekends.

+ What is included in the session Package?

Please refer to my Investment section for further details.

+ What is a typical session like? Are you going to photograph my pet for a long time?

We will discuss this during a pre-consultation prior to the actual shoot. As you might appreciate all sessions are unique to your pet. The initial time will involve a greeting, and making sure you and your pet are comfortable. The typical session consists of setting up, photographing, taking breaks, some play time and equipment breakdown. It all depends on the comfort of your pet.

+ Will I need to be in the room/vicinity during the session?

I believe a pet will always be more comfortable if his/her owner is nearby. However, there might be occasions when it is necessary for the flow of the session that the owner takes a back seat. This will be discussed at that time.

+ How should I prepare for my pet session?

Here are a few tips:

Treats: Always have your pet’s favourite treat on hand, but please do not give them treats until we decide it is necessary.

Grooming: A good brushing before the session is recommended.

Feeding time: Keep your pet’s feeding time to his/her regular schedule.

Walks: A short walk before the session may be a good idea.

Play: In general, saving your pet’s energy for the session would be recommended.

Pet’s Wardrobe: If you have a special piece of clothing you like, by all means, this can be used.

Your Wardrobe: Busy patterns and logos are best avoided, black clothing can attract pet hair.

+ I have multiple pets. How many pets can be in the photos?

Each session includes a certain number of "subjects" (Please review the Investment section for more details). I currently have no limit on the number of pets included. With a large number, however, I may suggest multiple sessions to ensure full coverage and variety.

+ Can I be in the pet photographs?

Of course! I love to capture the special connection between owners and pets.Please inquire about how many subjects you’d like included.

+ What happens after the pet session?

About a week after the session, you will receive a web gallery preview. This gallery remains live for one week. Included in your Session is a one-person image consult appointment to review your images. During this meeting, you can select your favorite images, and decide the best way for you to enjoy these images in your home.

+ What are my options for enjoying the images after the pet session?

I offer a variety of options for displaying the photographs from your session, including Fine Art Canvas Wraps, Framed Prints etc. Please inquire for more details.

+ Can I purchase digital files? Are digital files included in my pet session?

Digital files are not available for purchase at this time. Digital files are not included in the Session.

+ Will my photographs be used on your marketing materials?

The images I create are reliant upon potential clients viewing my work. I am thankful that my clients permit me to use their images (via model releases) for marketing materials (i.e. website, print materials, etc.).